After successfully releasing four mixtapes, gaining a healthy fan base, and opening for then-emerging talent like Drake and J. Cole, Ingrid relocated from Houston to Brooklyn to continue writing and recording. “I was completely broke,” she says. “I’m a painter, so I sold my art to pay the rent.” Then her old neighbor invited her to the Hamptons for a writing session for the 2013 smash Beyoncé. “When Beyoncé asks you to take a stab at a song for her, you do it,” Ingrid says. Follow Ingrid on twitter @ingrid.

Jesse Roach

Performing around the Houston Area for years, Jesse started turning the heads of music executives in other parts of the world. Balancing between solo acoustic and full band gigs has prepared her for what’s to come. With an appearance on American Idol Season 13 under her belt, she continues to hone her craft with some of the best artist development people in the business. Follow Jesse on Twitter @JesseRoachMusic.

Danielle Bradbery

Danielle is a 16-year-old country artist from Texas who has never had a vocal lesson. With natural talent, her cousin encouraged her to start singing, and Danielle soon had her first performance at a church festival. Citing Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Martina McBride as her musical influences, Danielle hopes NBC’s “The Voice” will be her first “big gig.” Follow Danielle on Twitter @dbradbery.

Roger Creager

Roger Creager is an adventurist; he does not like to sit still while the world passes by. Whether it’s climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, jumping off his boat to snorkel with wild dolphins, snow skiing in the Rockies, catching tuna 100 miles from shore, piloting his airplane to far-off concerts, spear-fishing around oil rigs, scuba diving coral reefs, surfing in Costa Rica, or playing music through the Italian countryside, he tries to get the most out of what the world has to offer. All of this finds its way into Roger’s music and live shows. His passion for life invigorates everyone around him including his fan base. Those who get hooked on his charisma and high energy come back show after show, year after year, and record after record. Creager’s newest record may be his best work yet.

Tori McClure

Tori writes and sings her own music and she has also been playing guitar for eight years. Tori’s first CD, “Courage”, with six original songs, was released on April 14, and is now available on iTunes! The Houston Chronicle’s Joey Guerra recently wrote “The Tomball teen released her first EP “Courage” in April. It’s a solid, six-song collection that makes the most of her sweet, chirpy voice and persona. McClure’s biggest asset as a performer is her honesty. She writes from a clearly realized, unvarnished perspective, one informed by high school hope and heartbreak.”

Kolby Gray

“Dual threat.” That’s what ESPN called Kolby Gray in 2009, based on his running and passing ability as the #28-ranked high school quarterback in the nation. That distinction is certainly still applicable to Gray, who originally suited up for the University of Pittsburg, but has now transferred to Baylor University in his home state of Texas. He’s still a double threat on the field, but it’s his electric personality and vocal ability garnering attention for him off the field – specifically in Nashville, where he’s recording his first album. When a college player transfers to another Division I school, it’s mandatory that they sit out a season, which works well for Gray’s burgeoning singing career. “It would be very hard to be doing two-a-days and recording an album,” says the multi-tasking Texan. Many singers come to Nashville each year to “make it.” It’s extremely rare for one to attract the producing talents of David and Dann Huff, as well as the songs of writers like Jay DeMarcus, Gary LeVox, Lee Brice, Neil Thrasher, Frank Meyers, and Jason Sellers.

Bri Bagwell

Bri Bagwell is real country music, and what country music should strive to be. She is an independent artist without a record deal, and without management. Her popularity is derived 100% by word of mouth and her raw talent. This grass roots effort is rare these days; it speaks to her infectious music and appeal. Her first CD, “Banned from Santa Fe”, released June 2011, sold through the first printing, and is gaining traction very quickly among music fans. Bri Bagwell was the only female artist on the Texas Music Chart for a few weeks with her single, also titled “Banned from Santa Fe.” In the internet age with music coming at you from every type of media, it is harder and harder for artists to get attention. Bri Bagwell is not only gaining attention, but she is also drumming up excitement; and, she does it all without a million-dollar budget.

The Broken Spokes

The Broken Spokes came together in Houston, Texas over the love of the long forgotten country music of yesterday and a dissatisfaction of where the music is today. Presenting these great songs as true to the day they were recorded, The Broken Spokes hope to fill the hole in the “country music ” you may hear in bars and dance halls today. From the sad songs of Lefty to the ringing harmonies of Buck and Don, The Broken Spokes will take you back to a time to when you weren’t embarrassed to say you were a fan of country music.